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Pectin: It acts as a soluble fiber. Helps in dissolving cholesterol and is a good weapon against diabetes.
Amino acids: Cysteine ​​(. Component tissues eliminates toxins from the liver); glycine arginine (Very necessary for muscle growth and tissue repair, responsible with glycine immune system), histidine (vasodilator and stimulator of gastric juice (natural and responsible for the immune system antacid). Combats anemia, arthritis and is very useful for ulcers) Isoleucine (Necessary for proper growth and nitrogen balance), Lysine (Involved in the production of antibodies, building tissues and calcium absorption), Serine (helps strengthen the immune system) Valine (promotes childhood growth and intervenes in nitrogen balance), Methionine (necessary for the production of cysteine, helps fight cholesterol)


Acids: glutamínico (antiulceroso, tonic, increases mental capacity) linoleic (Vitamin F) malic acids, oleic, palmitic and caffeic.
Sugars: fructose, glucose and sucrose. Catechins. Quercetin.
Sorbitol: Help bowel problems. Fibers. Calcium, iron, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ...
Medicinal properties
Internal use
Digestive, Purifying. In cases of inflammation of the stomach, intestines or urinary tract (. Decoction of some apple slices for 15 minutes in 1 liter of water Take three glasses a day)
Antacid: Its content in pectins, as well as the influence of glycine, a natural antacid make it very suitable in cases of heartburn. Simply eat a few pieces of apple and you'll notice a big relief, so its continued intake becomes a good substitute for other chemical antacids.

Antidiarrheal and laxative Soft: Although it seems contradictory its high pectin content makes it a good regulator apparatus of the intestine, so that constitutes a mild laxative in cases of constipation, especially when eaten early in the morning. At the same time the absorbent value of the pectins make it ideal in cases of colitis, diarrhea, gastroenteritis and in all cases where a too abundant and soft defecation is revealed.
Diuretic and purifying: It favors the elimination of body fluids, being very appropriate in cases of obesity, rheumatic diseases. For its content in cystine and arginine and malic acid, it is well suited to remove toxins that are stored in the body and also to combat or prevent the above diseases, are very suitable in conditions such as uric acid, gout , and treatment related to the kidneys, such as stones or kidney failure diseases.
Anticatarrhal: If bronchi or cough, and when you have the chest loaded, it is very appropriate in this plant for its expectorant values ​​(Infusion of 15 g of dried flowers per liter of water Take three glasses a day..)
Anticholesterol: Methionine, its high phosphorus content and rich in soluble fiber are essential in controlling cholesterol.
Hypotensive: The vasolilatador value histidine become a good ally to lower blood pressure in hypertension. (Infusion of a teaspoon of dried flowers and leaves per cup of water. Let stand 10 minutes and drink two glasses a day).
Sedative: For its phosphorus content, it is a food with, well suited to take before bedtime sedatives values, which helps you sleep better.
Antitabaco: A diet of only apples for a day can help quit smoking.
Anticancer: For its content in catechins and quercetin, two phytochemicals that protect against the action of free radicals and have powerful anticancer properties.
Meniere's Disease: cures apple cider vinegar with water help improve this disease.
Pain: To relax tired muscles after physical exertion, avoiding the pains and cramps can apply a lotion on the painful area with apple cider 

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