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Yukon apples orchards are on the eastern slopes of the famous mountains of Sierra Madre, near the towns of Guerrero and La Junta, Chihuahua. This area of Chihuahua is at an elevation of 7,000 feet (2,300 m) above sea level, warm days, cool nights, and always clean air contribute the unique flavor of our apples. The nearest river is an important branch of the Yaqui river , one of the largest rivers in Mexico, so during the course of each year these environmental conditions are ideal for the growth and quality of our apples. 


Our irrigation system used in our orchards is characterized by applying water  located as fine rain and irrigation, this allows us to save water consumption as is used in all terrain. This  irrigation system also helps us a lot in fighting against the frost .




We are a group of farmers concerned about the environment and the health of our consumers. We are concerned by not using banned products that damage health. Our production techniques are focused to be more effective to produce and less cost. The use of compost, for fertilizing, natural repellent products made by specialized  laboratories help us to combat insects, fungi, pests, etc., these techniques are some of the ways that have been working for some years in our orchards. Likewise the preservation of benefical insects that help keep the orchards without major pests. Also in our orchards there are  no chemical waste or anything to harm the environment of our people.

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